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Event call for dates

Parks Victoria receives over 2,500 event applications each year to conduct a variety of activities on public land and waterways, many of which are concentrated in a small number of parks. To assist with a fair and equitable allocation of events, and to enable effective planning and resourcing, Parks Victoria has established a formal Call for Dates process to develop a calendar of events (a year in advance) for each location. The process also benefits event organisers by enabling them to lock in dates for future activities. Importantly, this process does not preclude event organisers from applying at any stage.

The nominated park locations on which a Call for Dates process is conducted include;

  • Werribee Park (conducted in Spring)
  • Albert Park Reserve (conducted in Summer)
  • Albert Park Lake (conducted in Summer)
  • National Water Sports Centre (conducted in Autumn)
  • Yarra River (conducted in Autumn)
  • Maribyrnong River (conducted in Autumn)
  • Victoria Harbour (conducted in Autumn)

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