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Annual moorings

All moorings in Port Phillip and Western Port must be registered with Parks Victoria.

Vessel owners wishing to install a new mooring need to complete an application form and engage an authorised mooring tackle contractor (PDF, 331KB) to:

  • Assess the site
  • Provide a GPS location
  • Determine mooring tackle specifications for your vessel at your preferred location. All new mooring holders must consider environmental impacts of proposed tackle. A range of environmentally friendly options exist.

Once you have paid the required fees and your application has been approved by Parks Victoria, you will be issued with a permit and an authorised mooring tackle contractor can lay the mooring tackle.

Please note the maximum vessel length for annual moorings is capped at 15 metres.

Mooring permits are renewed annually, conditional on compliance to all terms and conditions. Each mooring ground has a different anniversary date depending on the date of invoicing.

To find a mooring ground location that suits you, see the listed facilities under Port Phillip and Western Port.

Forms and instructions

Transfer of a mooring permit to a third party

An application must be submitted to Parks Victoria for approval when a holder of an existing mooring permit seeks to transfer the permit to a third party.

It is important that the application to transfer is completed by both parties, i.e. the person disposing of the mooring permit and the person seeking to obtain the mooring permit.

All applications must be accompanied by a mooring report completed by an authorised mooring tackle contractor and proof of ownership documentation.

Please note there is a waiting list for all Williamstown and Werribee moorings. No transfers are permitted for these sites.

In most locations, existing swing mooring tackle can be bought and sold. Any monies changing hands is a private transaction between the two parties for the mooring apparatus. It does not give guarantee of right to the permit or the site.

Forms and instructions

Change of vessel nominated on a mooring permit

A permit is issued in respect of a single nominated vessel.  When a holder of an existing permit seeks to change the nominated vessel, an application must be submitted to Parks Victoria for approval.

Holders of a permit are strongly advised to consult with an authorised mooring contractor (PDF, 508KB) before purchasing a new vessel to ensure it is suitable for the site.

The application must be accompanied by proof of ownership documentation.

Forms and instructions

Fees and invoicing

Fee type Amount
Mooring Administration Fee $117.70
Establishment fee $157.30
Transfer fee $79.50
Williamstown Mooring Administration Fees Amount
Mooring grid WTA $104.00
Mooring grid WTB $104.00
Mooring grid WTC $145.50
Mooring grid WTD $255.90
Mooring grid WTE $451.10
Mooring grid WTF $255.90
Mooring grid WTG $255.90
Mooring grid WTH $145.50
Mooring grid WTI $145.50
Mooring grid WTJ $451.10
Mooring grid WTK $145.50

Fees are subject to annual change and will be reviewed for the 2019-20 season.

There is a discount in the annual mooring administration fee for holders of a Commonwealth Pensioner Concession Card. Further details are available upon request.

In areas where a Parks Victoria Standard Identification Buoy is required, the fee for the buoy is to be met by the applicant.

Mooring tackle inspections

All mooring tackle must be inspected by an authorised mooring tackle contractor every 12 months. The mooring report from the inspection must be submitted to Parks Victoria. The report should state that the mooring meets specifications and is in a safe and serviceable condition.

Prior to the inspection, you must inform Parks Victoria which authorised mooring tackle contractor has been engaged to complete the inspection by submitting a tackle inspection confirmation form (PDF).

Authorised mooring tackle contractors

Mooring tackle contractors are authorised by Parks Victoria under the Port Management (Local Ports) Regulations 2015 to:

  • Undertake tackle inspection, repair and certification.
  • Install and remove tackle.

An authorised mooring tackle contractor must be engaged to undertake any of these activities. Refer to the list of authorised mooring tackle contractors (PDF) for details.

To apply to become an authorised mooring tackle contractor please refer to the Information and Application Pack (PDF) and submit the completed Application Form (PDF) by 2:00 pm Tuesday 11 June 2019. For further information please contact the moorings manager on 13 19 63