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Bushfire management

Bushfire management

As part of managing Victoria's parks and reserves, Parks Victoria supports the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to prepare for, fight and recover from bushfires on public land.

Safer Together

A new approach to reducing the risk of bushfire in Victoria - See more at:


We work year round to prepare parks and reserves to reduce the potential impact of fire through planned burning and other fuel reduction.


Around 70 percent of Parks Victoria staff are trained in specific fire fighting roles. Each summer, many rangers and office staff are deployed to fight fires in parks and forests across the state.


Many recent bushfires have burnt large sections of our national parks and forests. Parks Victoria works to rebuild and reopen bushfire affected areas and support the natural environment in its recovery.


Fire is a natural part of the Australian environment. With lightning and indigenous burning practices having shaped our ecosystems over tens of thousands of years, many of our plants are reliant on bushfire to regenerate and maintain their health. In line with this, Parks Victoria also uses planned ecological burning to support and develop biodiversity values in our parks.

Vegetation removal on a public land boundary

Interim planning provisions are still in place to simplify residents' entitlements to clear vegetation around their homes to prepare for the threat of fire in the warmer months, for example, clearing around buildings and along fence lines. Fence line clearing can include public land that is managed by Parks Victoria. Find out more...

Stay safe

It's always a great time to enjoy a visit to a park. Find out how you can stay safe when you visit during the bushfire season. Find out more...

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Fire recovery

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Planned burns

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