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Parks affected by fire

Some parks currently have closures due to fire activity.

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Alpine view

Parks Victoria manages a diverse and representative network of parks that are home to more than 4,300 native plant species and 948 native animal species.

The park network includes some of Victoria’s largest and most undisturbed ecosystems - landscapes like the Alps, the mallee, grasslands and inland waters and wetlands. It covers Victoria’s marine national parks and sanctuaries that protect a wide array of marine life. It also includes smaller, but important urban parks.

Parks Victoria’s conservation programs help to reduce threats to parks and improve the health of the natural environment.

Climate Change

Parks cover more than 4 million hectares of Victoria. They protect many important environments but sit in a broader landscape that is changing. They play...

Compliance and enforcement

The great majority of visitors to parks and reserves respect the environment and look after the facilities provided. Unfortunately a small number do act in...


Ecosystems are generally recognised by the characteristic vegetation they support. Victoria’s land area supports a wider range of ecosystems than any area of a similar...

Native plants and animals

Victoria's parks are home to more than 4300 native plants and 948 native animal species. Parks contain a wide range of habitats and play a...

Science and adaptive management

Adaptive management provides a structured approach to inform park management decisions in times of uncertainty. Natural systems are complex and there will always be information...

Weeds and pests

Weeds and pest animals are invasive. Other than vegetation clearing, they represent the biggest threat to the survival of native plants and animals.About 20 per...