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Marine monitoring

Subtidal REef Monitoring

Parks Victoria has an extensive monitoring program across the network of Marine Protected Areas as part of the Signs of Healthy Parks Program (SHP).

The SHP program ensures a systematic, robust and integrated approach to ecological monitoring across the parks network. The SHP program provides a stronger evidence base to better inform management decisions. Building on Parks Victoria’s Adaptive Management Framework, the SHP program monitors the health of the parks using a range of environmental indicators that provide information about the natural assets and ecological processes in the parks as well as effects of threats and other drivers.

Since 2002, numerous monitoring surveys have been implemented in 11 marine national parks and 11 marine sanctuaries.  This work has been targeted at collecting baseline biological information that will be used to understand long-term changes in populations, abundances, community structures and ecological processes.

The monitoring program has been guided by a Marine Research and Monitoring Strategy 2007-2012 and Marine National Park and Marine Sanctuary Monitoring Plan 2007-2012 (PDF, 1.9MB).

The monitoring programs that have been implemented are either commissioned projects, community based monitoring or in collaboration with researchers as part of the Research Partner Panel  program.

Monitoring programs

Intertidal reef monitoring

An Intertidal reef monitoring program (IRMP) was established in 2003 at: Point Danger, Barwon Bluff, Mushroom Reef, Point Cooke, Jawbone and Ricketts Point marine sanctuaries....

Marine Volunteers

Community-based monitoring by Friends GroupsThere are many friends groups associated with MPAs that coordinate monitoring programs within their respective parks. These programs may follow Sea...

Reef Life Survey

The Reef Life Survey is an international community-based subtidal reef monitoring program. The aim of the program is to improve biodiversity conservation and the sustainable...

Subtidal reef monitoring

The shallow subtidal reef monitoring program (SRMP) was established in 1998 at Wilsons Promontory before the declaration of the marine national parks system. In 1999...

Under the Lens

The Under the Lens project is a collaboration between Parks Victoria and Museum Victoria to collect high quality imagery and video of Victoria’s marine national...

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