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Marine Natural Values Reports

Since declaration of Victoria’s marine national parks and sanctuaries and release of the first Marine Natural Values Study in September 2003 (PDF), there has been an ongoing marine science program that has focussed on improving baseline knowledge and addressed important management challenges. Much of the research has been undertaken as part of the Research Partners Program involving collaboration with various research institutions, while there are also a range of ongoing commissioned and community based monitoring programs. These programs have considerably increased our knowledge and understanding of the natural values and threats for Victoria’s marine national parks and sanctuaries.

The second version of the Marine Natural Values reports has been developed in partnership with Deakin University.

The primary aim of these reports is to add the new knowledge and information that has been generated through Parks Victoria’s research and monitoring programs and other marine science programs to the description of the natural values associated with Victoria’s marine national parks and sanctuaries.

The reports will be important for informing park management and will also be a valuable resource for education and public recognition of the natural values of the marine national parks and sanctuaries.

Marine Natural Values Reports - Full versions
Combined Summaries