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Serendip Sanctuary: A great place for kids

serendip sanctuary 

Serendip Sanctuary has been described as a wildlife oasis in the Western Volcanic Plain, with a wide variety of native birds and mammals.  A visit to the sanctuary is a learning experience for all ages and one you will never forget.

Serendip has over 150 species of native birds such as the Bush Stone-curlew, Brolga and Freckled Duck and is home to native animals like the Eastern Barred Bandicoot, one of Victoria’s most endangered creatures. Birds can be seen up close from bird hides and in aviaries; preening, feeding, incubating their eggs and rearing chicks.

There are a number of short walks around Serendip that provide close encounters with wildlife. On the Wildlife Walk you might see Emus and Eastern Grey Kangaroos grazing, Brolgas trumpeting, Whistling Kites soaring overhead and Yellow-billed Spoonbills wading in shallow water. You may even be lucky enough to see one of the Spotted-tail Quolls which were born at the sanctuary. Quolls are endangered native creatures that are rarely seen in the wild as they mainly hunt at night. 

Serendip is a great venue for families with hands-on activities on offer for kids along with excellent facilities such as smooth tracks for prams, open space for play, free barbecues, picnic tables under shelter and baby changing facilities.

Kids will have fun at the ponding site using dip nets to catch water bugs or maybe even a fish. They can test their bouncing skills against the resident kangaroos at the long jump pit. With so much on offer, Serendip is also an excellent place to hold a children’s birthday party.

ponding at serendip  brolga 

Serendip Sanctuary offers a Junior Ranger program for children aged 5-12 during school holidays. The activities are free so bookings are essential and can be made by calling 13 1963 or visiting the Junior Ranger website. Kids can also print off DIY Junior Ranger activities from the website to do anytime in the park.

Serendip also has a curriculum-based education program for students from Prep to Year 12, offering opportunities to learn about the wetlands and grassy woodlands of the Western Volcanic Plains and their native birds and animals.

With so much to see and do for the whole family, Serendip is sure to be a great day out.

Serendip Sanctuary is located around 20km north east of Geelong, just off the M1 Freeway, near Lara.

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