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Trails of fun at the You Yangs

you yangs 

The You Yangs' name comes from the Aboriginal words 'Wurdi Youang' or 'Ude Youang', meaning 'big mountain in the middle of a plain', which is exactly what they resemble. But it’s not their distinctive appearance that attracts visitors from far and wide, it’s the activities on offer at the You Yangs Regional Park that are a real drawcard for the adventurous.

For a start, it’s not every park that offers 50 kilometres of bike trails, making it one of the best places in the state for mountain bike riders. There’s a wide range of trails from easy to very difficult, for both cross country and downhill riders.

Local mountain clubs hold regular state and national level competitions and events at the park, with riders testing their stamina racing for up to six hours at a stretch.

There are also trails for horse riding, running and walking, and other popular activities include orienteering, birdwatching and rock climbing - the Gravel Pit Tor is reputed to contain some of the best and steepest climbs in the park. An abundance of tour operators run tours in the park, offering a range of activities. Check the You Yangs Regional Park page for details.

You Yangs Regional Park is located 55km from Melbourne. The entrance to the park is located on Branch Road, near the intersection of Forest Road North.