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Improving health and well-being

Report Cover  

At the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 in Sydney, Australia the connections between human health and nature were profiled like never before. The topic had an entire stream dedicated to it – Improving Health and Wellbeing: Healthy Parks Healthy People.

The proceedings of the stream have been recorded and compiled into a comprehensive report that offers an excellent overview of recent research and examples of Healthy Parks Healthy People and other similar approaches to park management in use around the globe.

The innovative approaches and recommendations of the stream, as well as research and diverse case studies, provide a useful guide to the Healthy Parks Healthy People approach and current practices.

We encourage you to read and share this report, reflect upon the proceedings and take actions to further the fundamental connections between nature and human health. Reach out to partners across sectors, build alliances, implement programs, evaluate and share your learnings. Submit case studies or share your learnings to

Improving Health and Well-being Stream Report (PDF 4.6mb)