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Put an end to rubbish dumping around Bendigo

Wednesday 7 November, 2012

Rangers are calling on the community to help put an end to illegal rubbish dumping in parks around Bendigo.

Rangers have stepped up their patrols and have issued over twenty-six infringements and related notices in the last twelve months around Bendigo.

“Cleaning up litter is an ongoing challenge and one that really disappoints us,” said Parks Victoria Ranger Mark McKimmie.

“It has been frustrating of late to see places in our parks - the Whipstick area of the Bendigo Regional Park in particular - looking a real mess. Large quantities of household items such as furniture, refrigerators, mattresses, general rubbish and tyres have been found at various locations around Bendigo.

Rubbish dumping is not only illegal and unsightly but can have significant impacts on the environment, including attracting predators that prey on native wildlife.

“One encouraging aspect has been the increase in calls from local community members offering us information and reporting people who have dumped rubbish. We always act on these calls and several have led to us catching those responsible for the dumping.”

By working together with the community as well as the EPA, Parks Victoria can increase its success in catching and further deterring rubbish dumping.

Removing waste promptly and investigating offenders is a costly and time-consuming exercise.

“As we remove the rubbish, we search extensively for evidence to identify the offenders and take legal action where possible,” said Mark.

“This is time and money that could be better spent on other environmental projects in our local parks.”

“We urge the community to help us protect our special parks by calling Parks Victoria on 13 1963 to report dumped rubbish.

“An accurate description of the location will help us to remove the rubbish as quickly as possible.”

Under the litter provisions of the Environmental Protection Act, Parks Victoria officers can issue on-the-spot fines from $282. Offenders can be taken to court for more serious offences, where heavier penalties may apply.

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