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Take a Walk Among the Rare and Wonderful in Braeside Park

Tuesday 10 October, 2017

Braeside Park has the last remnants of certain native plants in the Melbourne metro area.

Native Wedding Bush, Heath Wattle, Common Correa, Snow Gums, Coastal Banksia and multiple species of Wattles are all found in the park’s heathland area, which is closed to the public for conservation reasons.

However, on October 15th, the Friends of Braeside Park are offering people the chance to join them on a special spring walk through this area.

“Spring is definitely the best time to visit this very special heathland,” says Parks Victoria Ranger and Team Leader, Des Lucas.

“The Wedding Bush is in full magnificent flower at the moment, along with the Common Heath, Victoria’s Floral Emblem. There are also some very special trees, like the six rare Snow Gums and an 800-year-old Red Gum.”

There are a number of issues that threatens the future of these remnant areas: One is geographic isolation which causes a lack of genetic diversity and affects their vitality and health. Another is not enough variety in bird and insect pollinators; some species need their seeds to pass through a bird’s digestive system to improve germination, while others can take up to 18 months to germinate.

The Friends play an important role in keeping the heathland healthy through their work at the nursery where they propagate native seedlings for revegetation projects in the park.

Long-time Friends member Bev Bancroft says propagating natives like Wedding Bush for example can be quite a challenge. “The right season for seed collection, the timing of planting, suitable soil quality and some good luck, are all needed to produce a healthy native seedling.”

Walkers will meet at the park Visitor Centre at 1pm and after around two hours walking, will relax and recover with afternoon tea at 3.30.

Meet at the Visitor Centre – park entrance on Lower Dandenong Road

Bring – Camera, Binoculars, Sturdy footwear

Contact the Friends of Braeside on 95514578 after 4pm.

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