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Notice controlling navigation – Princes Bridge

Thursday 31 May, 2018

Marine Safety Act 2010

Section 211 (1) (b)

Notice Controlling Navigation in vicinity of works

Parks Victoria, as the declared waterway manager for the waters of the Yarra River upstream of the port waters of the Port of Melbourne under the Marine Safety Act 2010 (Vic) (Act), makes the following notice under section 211 (1)(b)(i) of the Act.

For the purposes of the works activity proposed by Coffey Services Pty Ltd for bore hole drilling and geotechnical investigation under the northern span of Princes Bridge on the Yarra River, the navigation and movement of vessels is prohibited in the waters of the Yarra River as detailed below, excluding vessels involved in the works and Parks Victoria vessels.

The prohibited areas extend 40 metres upstream and downstream from Princes Bridge northern span and will be marked by lit yellow communication buoys. The northern bridge span is the only section to be closed off with other spans remaining open to river traffic, downstream traffic has right of way.

The exclusion zone has effect from 7.00am on 04 June 2018 to 5.00pm on 08 June 2018.

Times and dates are subject to change. Changes to times, durations or days will be advertised on Parks Victoria’s website, and Notice to River Users (NTRU).


Dated: 25 May 2018