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Safety and regulations


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Parks Victoria is the local port and waterway manager for the local port of Port Phillip and manages piers and jetties, mooring permits, aids to navigation and Marine National Parks and Sanctuaries. Parks Victoria also acts as a referral agency for planning matters and authorisation of new structures. Parks Victoria has the accountability for the safety of water users, control of vessel activities and movements in the local port and is authorised under the Marine Act 1988 to issue infringement notices or prosecute people who break the law. The Victorian Water Police can also issue infringement notices and work in partnership with Parks Victoria to ensure Port Phillip is enjoyed safely.

There are a number of rules and regulations that must be observed to protect Port Phillip environment and ensure safety for all users of Port Phillip.

Further information about safety and regulations is available from the Port Phillip Recreational Boating Guide map or call 13 1963 to ask for a free copy.

Radio channels

Marine radio is potentially a life line for vessels in an emergency. Avoid unnecessary communications on marine radio. Be aware of the following Marine Radio channels and frequencies when operating…

Rowing and non powered vessels

Port Phillip is popular for non-motorised vessels such as kite boarding, rowing, kayaking and canoeing. When passing non powered vessels, please ensure a low wake is maintained so as not…

Shipping channels and fairways

Large ships travel Port Phillip shipping channels during all hours of the day and night and sometimes travel outside designated fairways. A ship’s blind spot can extend for many hundreds…

Shipwreck Protection Zones

Historic Shipwreck Protection Zones are no entry areas around very fragile shipwrecks. It is important to steer clear of these zones because the fragile wrecks within them could easily be…

Speed restrictions

Speed can be dangerous on the water. Not only is there a risk of crashing into other vessels, land or navigation aids, there are many other obstacles such as swimmers…

Wildlife watching

Port Phillip is home to an amazing array of wildlife. When you see dolphins, seals or whales, make sure you give them plenty of space. Never approach closer than 100…

Regulations to be observed

Immediately slow down to 5 knots around swimmers or divers. Don’t exceed the speed limit. Observe boat zone boundaries and restrictions. Fishing or removal of marine life is not permitted…

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