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Stony Point Pier

2 years ago from Wayne

Location: Stony Point Mooring Area

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Rhyll Mooring Area

Mooring location: Rhyll, Western Port Set aside name: Rhyll Melways reference: Map 632 Boundaries A line extending in an Easterly direction approximately 200 meters from the end of Reid Street…

Stony Point Mooring Area

Mooring location: Stony Point, Western Point Set aside name: Stony Point Melways reference: Map 612 N9 Boundaries A line approximately 200 metres in a Southerly direction from the Stony Point…

Tooradin Mooring Area

Mooring location: Tooradin, Western Port Set aside name: Tooradin Melways reference: Map 612 P8 Boundaries From a line directly West of the Tooradin boat ramp approximately 180 meters to the…

Warneet Mooring Area

Mooring location: Warneet, Western Port Set aside name: Warneet Melways reference: Map 612 P8 Boundaries The waters of Rutherford Inlet from the 5 knot sign approximately 700 meters South of…

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