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Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing Master Plan

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The Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing immerses visitors in the alpine environment, with its gnarled snow gums and fields of alpine daisies, surrounded by high country scenery, passing by heritage huts and walking to the summits of some of Victoria’s most spectacular peaks. A master plan will determine the best route for the Alpine Crossing and the supporting infrastructure needed to create a world-class walk.  

The Draft Master Plan engagement phase is now closed

Consultation on the Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing Draft Master Plan closed on 27 January 2017.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend the consultation sessions held in Bright and Melbourne in December 2016, or provide a written submission.

A significant amount of feedback was received, including a total of 229 written submissions. Discussions with key stakeholders including the Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA), Bushwalking Victoria and the six Aboriginal communities connected to the site will continue throughout the Master Plan process.

The project team is currently collating the feedback into a consultation summary report, containing an overview of key themes heard throughout the consultation. The feedback will be integral in informing the next steps of the Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing Master Plan.

We will continue to keep you informed on the next steps on this page, and will provide email updates directly to registered participants.

If you require any further information about the Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing Master Plan, please contact Parks Victoria via email at

Correction and clarification regarding camping and fees

On 14 December 2016, the following correction to the Draft Master
Plan was announced. Please note that this correction will be incorporated into the final Master Plan:

What the master plan currently states:
Page 59 of the draft Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing Master Plan incorrectly states that “Dispersed camping will be prohibited within 500m of the trail. All camping facilities will require a booking and fee, open to licensed tour operators (LTOs), independent hikers or groups.”    

What the master plan should state:
Page 59 of the draft master plan should state: “Dispersed camping is permitted except within 100m of a designated Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing hiker camp”. As the level of service at defined hiker camps will be significantly improved, it is likely that fees will apply for camping at these specific locations based on their level of service. Fees for designated hiker camps will be calculated in accordance with Parks Victoria’s Fees and Charge Schedule.

The draft master plan provides a conceptual layout for each camp ground. Further detail planning including environmental and cultural assessments will be undertaken as part of any future implementation program.

We have heard from a number of people who want to be able to continue to walk the trails free of charge, and to be able to camp (dispersed) free of charge.  No new charges for these basic activities are proposed in the draft master plan. Any changes would be subject to further consultation.

Also noted during consultation is the walkability of the Diamantina Spur, in its current condition. Better trail construction and regular rest points are proposed to enable access to people of varying levels of fitness. This level of difficulty is not significantly different to other similar walks across the world, or even within the Victorian landscape. 

Planning Timeline

Early discussions Concept plan Draft master plan Review of submissions
2014, 2015 Late 2015 Available Nov 2016 - Jan 2017 February – April 2017

Project plans and summaries

Phase 3: Draft Master Plan

Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing 2016 Draft Master Plan  (PDF)
Consultation on the Draft Master Plan has now closed and a consultation summary report will be available shortly.

Draft Master Plan Summary for Consultation (PDF)

Environmental Risk Assessment - summary of key findings (PDF)
Biosis was contracted by Parks Victoria to prepare an environmental and cultural heritage risk assessment to assist with the route planning for the proposed Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing (FHAC study area). This report provides a summary of the key findings.

Phase 2: Concept Plan

Master Plan Preliminary Concept for Consutltation (PDF 7.2mb)

Phase 1: Early discussions

Overall the idea of an improved walking experience, with better facilities and protection of the park's natural and cultural values, was supported.

Phase 1 Consultation Report. (PDF 2MB)
This short report provides responses to some of the questions and concerns raised