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High Country Heritage Audio Discovery Tour


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The High Country of Victoria is a network of pathways. Some of these are invisible, but have been used for many thousands of years.

They have been trodden by all kinds of peoples from all kinds of places. The first footsteps were those of the Aboriginal peoples...

The Audio Discovery Tour is a 240 km drive on some of Australia's highest roads. Using this audio guide you can listen to interviews with local people and experts plus some historical drama as you drive. You can select tracks to travel between Bright and Omeo through either Mt Hotham along the Great Alpine Road or across the Bogong High Plains through Falls Creek - or you can travel the loop using both sets of audio tracks. Driving the loop would take you 5 hours without stopping, but you can plan to stop and stay.

High country heritage loop drive

The tour takes in the wild splendours of the Bogong High Plains and Mt Hotham as well as some interesting little towns like Bogong village, built on hydropower, and Harrietville, founded on river gold.

If you start the tour at Bright go to the Introduction track then follow the guide as you drive.

If you have start the tour at Omeo go to the Introduction track then proceed to Track 13, "Omeo: Aboriginal people and European arrivals"

To listen to the audio tour, first download the files listed below to your computer. You may choose to listen to them directly from the computer or transfer them to your mp3 player or a CD.

01. Introduction (6.3mb)

02. Bright: Early gold (8.8mb)

03. Germantown: why are there pine plantations? (6.4mb)

04. Gold mining (6.5mb)

05. Harrietville and up the hill: gold mining (9.1mb)

06. Towards Hotham: forestry & fires (9.1mb)

07. Mt Bernard: early travellers and Mother Morrell's (5.3mb)

08. Aboriginal travel and early European explorers (7.8mb)

09. Mount Hotham: early skiers and the Tunnel of Love (8.3mb)

10. Dinner Plain (6mb)

11. Bushrangers, cattle duffers and other criminal types (8.1mb)

12. Omeo: a golden history (6.3mb)

13. Omeo: Aboriginal people and European arrivals (9.4mb)

14. Anglers Rest/Blue Duck Inn: history that nearly went up in flames (4.4mb)

15. Bogong High Plains: Aboriginal people. dulagars, europeans' winter visits (9.9mb)

16. Bogong High Plains: Huts, high country grazing and science all mixed in (15.3mb)

17. Rocky Valley Dam: Kiewa Hydro Electricity Scheme (8.7mb)

18. Falls Creek Alpine Resort: the hydro to holiday shift (4.5mb)

19. Fainter Falls: from fire trail to tourist track (1.8mb)

20. Bogong Village Plain (5.2mb)

21. Clover Village and Arboretum: what a place to live! (4.9mb)

22. Clover to Mt Beauty: the early road (2.3mb)

23. Mt Beauty and Tawonga: when cultures collided, and class distinction was strong (8.6mb)

24. Over Tawonga Gap: herding turkeys on a new road, and tobacco culture (6.6mb)


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