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Mountain biking


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Mountain biking

Please keep to the designated tracks. The following tracks within the park have been designated for mountain bike use:

  1. Pink Line 0.4km — Two way
  2. Rock Salt 1.1km — Top section one
  3. Slippery Gypsy 0.2 km — Two way
  4. Wombat 1.7km — One way descending
  5. East Link 1.0km — Two ways
  6. Pine Climb 0.8km — One way ascending
  7. High Roller 1.2km — Two ways
  8. Pins and Needles 0.8 km — One way descending
  9. Fall Line 0.7 km — One way descending
  10. Deadwoods 0.7km — One way descending
  11. Crits 0.6km — One way descending
  12. Loop Trail 1.7 km — Two way
  13. Charlottes Pass 1.7km — One way descending
  14. Link 0.4km — Two way 

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