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Burchell Trail

4 weeks ago from Kenny Smith

Location: Boar Gully Camping Area

Campsite next to the dam

4 weeks ago from Kenny Smith

Location: Boar Gully Camping Area

Fire Places

4 weeks ago from Kenny Smith

Location: Boar Gully Camping Area

Boar Gully

4 weeks ago from Kenny Smith

Location: Boar Gully Camping Area

Old Mill campground

7 months ago from David Brewster

Location: Old Mill Walk-in Camping

Change of conditions

  • There is currently no water supply, please bring enough water for all your requirements. at Boar Gully Camping Area
    Sunday 27 December, 2015 |
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Bird watching
Long walk / Multi day walk
Medium walk / Day walk
Short walk
Camp fires


The Brisbane Ranges offers a fantastic variety of walking opportunities through a range of habitats. The tracks offer several alternative routes from Anakie Gorge and Stony Creek Picnic Areas. Anakie…

Nature study

Brisbane Ranges National Park is rich in native flora with some 619 native plant species (about one fifth of Victoria’s total) found in the ranges. Many are either rare or…

Stony Creek Picnic Area

Relax and enjoy a picnic or a short, family-friendly walk to nearby Stony Creek Reservoir. The Anakie Gorge Walk (3km, 1 hour one way) also departs from the picnic area.…

Anakie Gorge Picnic Area

Anakie Gorge Picnic Area offers plenty of space for kids to run and play. The Anakie Gorge Walk (3km, 1 hour one way) departs from the picnic area. The walk…

Staughton Vale Cliff Face Climbing Area

A popular site for both climbing and abseiling with spectacular views to the east. The site is closed from 1 August to 30 November due to the peregrine falcon breeding…

Boar Gully Camping Area

Access This camping area is situated in the northern reaches of the park. Bookings Advanced bookings and payment are required. Campsites There are 6 campsites available suitable for tents with…

Sapling Gully Picnic Area

An isolated picnic area in the north of the park with access to walking tracks. Access Vehicle access available from Aeroplane Road (unsealed), off Reids Road. Facilities Wood barbecue (BYO…

Fridays Picnic and Camping Area

This camping area provides a good base for exploring the historic gold mining area of Steiglitz Historic Park, wildflower and wildlife studies and bush walking. Access This camping area is…

Little River Picnic Area and Walk-in Camping Ground

This picturesque campground is at the junction of the Little River and Rileys Creek. Access Access is by walkers only along the Burchell Trail which traverses the length of the…

Grahams Creek Picnic Area

An small, secluded picnic area beside a seasonal creek. Access Vehicle access available from Grahams Creek Road (unsealed). Facilities Wood barbecue (BYO wood) Table and seat No water is available…

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