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Wilderness Retreat Kitchen - Cape Conran

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Accessibility Information

The communal kitchen is a canvas structure similar to the wilderness retreats. The kitchen is approximately 55 metres from Wilderness Retreat 1 along a compacted gravel path. The first 15 metres of the path (at the retreat end) is a little steep, with a gradient of approximately 1:10, but the remainder is a more gradual slope. There is a ramp of approximately 1.2 metres wide into the entrance of the kitchen. This has a gradient of approximately 1:14.

Wilderness retreats ramp into communal kitchen

The entrance width of the kitchen is approximately 80 centimetres. The floor is timber and the kitchen contains timber tables with ends suitable for wheelchair seating.

Wilderness retreats communal kitchen

There are picnic tables and a gas barbecue outside the kitchen. These tables do not have the roll under end feature for wheelchair seating.

Wilderness retreats picnic area

The gas barbecue is near the kitchen ramp entrance and can be accessed by a short path with a surface of compacted, small gravel.

Wilderness retreats gas barbecue