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Wilderness Retreat Toilet Block - Cape Conran

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Accessibility Information

A communal toilet and shower block, and a separate kitchen block, service the wilderness retreats. The toilet block has a modern, accessible bathroom (toilet and shower) with its own entrance. Access to the shower and toilet block is via a short, compacted gravel path of approximately 90 centimetres wide and approximately 60 metres long. The path gradient in the first 16 metres from the retreat to the toilets is quite steep with a gradient of approximately 1:10. The entrance to the accessible bathroom is approximately 87 centimetres wide with an outward-swinging door that has a vertical door handle.

Wilderness retreats toilet and shower block

The bathroom is approximately 187 centimetres wide by 248 centimetres long which is adequate room in the bathroom for manoeuvrability. There is grab railing beside the toilet and on the back wall next to the cistern.

Wilderness retreats communal toilet

The shower has a height-adjustable and detachable shower nozzle and a fold down bench seat. The shower has some low horizontal grab railings and a lever-style mixer hot/cold tap. The washbasin in the bathroom has an underneath access feature and lever-style hot and cold taps. There is an angled vanity mirror above the basin making it easy to use when seated.

Wilderness retreats communal shower