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Churchill Island Marine National Park


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Brachipod (photo: Julian Finn)

4 years ago from Parks Victoria

Location: Churchill Island Marine National Park

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Located south of Rhyll, on the eastern shore of Phillip Island, in Western Port, the park extends from Long Point south of Rhyll township to the north point of Churchill Island and along the island's western shore to the bridge.

Within this park there are many habitats including mangroves, sheltered intertidal mudflats, seagrass beds, subtidal soft sediments and rocky intertidal shores.

The park is part of the Western Port RAMSAR site and is an important habitat for many bird species. Migratory waders roost and feed within the Churchill Island Marine National Park and birds which can be spotted in this park include the Bar-tailed Godwit, Sacred Ibis, Red-necked Stint and Chestnut Teal.

The seagrass beds are a major food source for black swans as well as providing a nursery habitat for many commercially viable species such as King George Whiting, Black Bream and Yellow-eyed Mullet. Many invertebrate species such as pippies and worms reside in the mudflats and provide food for birds and fish. The park also protects many beds of lampshells, a living fossil which once had thousands of species and is now reduced to only a few.


This park is accessible by land, however the best way to get there is via boat (launching point in Rhyll or Newhaven).

Popular things to do

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Bird watching is a popular activity in the park. Many birds feed, roost and breed around the bay and you…


Scuba and snorkelling

On a calm day, diving and snorkelling within the seagrass beds can be very rewarding. See if you can see…

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