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Coolart Minsmere Hide


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Accessibility Information

The main road continues for about 300 metres from the homestead and there is a path from the road that leads to Minsmere Hide. The path to the hide is a fine, crushed gravel and is approximately 115 metres in length. The hide is reached across a short boardwalk. There is a handrail on one side but there is no edging on the opposite side.

Coolart Minsmere hide boardwalk

The hide is two level. There are three doors on the ground floor. The door offering best access for wheelchair users is the one straight ahead at the end of the verandah in front of the hide.

Coolart Minsmere hide entry   Coolart Minsmere hide internal

That room has a straight entry and a wheelchair position at the end of the hide.

Coolart Minsmere hide wheelchair position

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