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Sherbrooke - Grants Picnic Ground


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Sulphur-crested cockatoo

10 months ago from Hamid Ashouri

Location: Sherbrooke - Grants Picnic Ground

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  • Clematis Track is temporarily closed due to storm damage between Monbulk Rd (near Grants Picnic Ground) and Sherbrooke Lodge Rd. at Sherbrooke - Grants Picnic Ground
    Wednesday 12 April, 2017 |
  • The two gas barbecue hotplates at Grants Picnic Ground are out of order, there are many other barbecues still available for use. at Sherbrooke - Grants Picnic Ground
    Wednesday 29 March, 2017 |
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Grants Picnic Ground sits within the Sherbrooke Forest, the largest section of Dandenong Ranges National Park. A number of walking tracks, starting from the picnic grounds, enable you to discover some of the plants and animals of Sherbrooke.

Bird Feeding Area

There is a bird feeding area at Grants Picnic Ground.

Visitors must purchase a token from ‘Grants on Sherbrooke’ kiosk to enable them to enter the fenced Bird Feeding area and obtain a measured amount of seed to be offered to the wild birds. Visitors are not permitted to bring in their own seed nor offer seed or other food items to birds outside of the Bird Feeding Area.

There are no other areas within the Dandenong Ranges National Park where seed can be offered to native birds.

Margaret Lester Forest Walk

300m, 30 min loop. Grade: Easy

Located at Grants Picnic Ground this hardsurfaced track has been especially designed to offer those with limited mobility the opportunity to experience the beautiful forest.

Hardy Gully Nature Walk

700m, 45 min loop. Grade: Easy to Moderate

This walk takes you back in time to ancient origins – remnant Cool Temperate rainforest which are threatened throughout the world. Interpretive panels reveal secrets of the forest.

Eastern Sherbrooke Forest Walk

7.1km, 2 hour loop. Grade: Moderate to Difficult

This is a round trip starting and finishing at Grants Picnic Ground. The route follows Lyrebird walk, then Neumann Track, passing through cleared areas of bush created by the successive wildfires of the early 1900s. At Paddy Track junction follow the track downhill before climbing Welch Track and following Coles Ridge Track back to the picnic ground. Most of the walk is through Mountain Ash and Messmate Stringybark forest. There are steep sections on Paddy and Welch Track which may be slippery when wet.

Accessibility information

Grants picnic area is a good accessible destination in the Sherbrooke section of the park.


There are three areas where designated disabled parking is provided.

The first is next to the cafe. There are two 3.6m wide bays here. The surface is asphalt. There is an asphalt pathway next to the carpark that leads directly to the toilet facilities and cafe.

carpark cafe

Two bays, each 3 metres wide, are provided in the next section of the carpark just uphill from the picnic shelter at the start of the Margaret Lester Forest Walk. These bays are also asphalt.

middle carpark

In the top section of the car park there are three further bays, each 2.8 metres wide. These bays are the top end of the Margaret Lester Forest Walk and are again an asphalt surface.

upper carpark

Picnic Facilities

Directly in front of the middle disabled parking bays is an accessible picnic table and BBQ. The table is the square design with one open side suitable for wheelchair users.

picnic table

Adjacent to this area is the covered picnic pavilion. This structure has a level concrete floor and four picnic tables, none of these tables have roll-under ends.

middle picnic area - shelter

Opposite the carpark is a new picnic area with a new steel table design. These tables have overhanging tops at both ends.

middle picnic area - picnic table

The working height of the BBQs is 900 millimetres.


At the upper car park there is another set of tables. These are the square wooden accessible design.

upper picnic area

Bird feeding area

The bird feeding area is the only place where native birds may be hand fed. The area is accessed via a concrete path from the cafe. The bird feeding area is level with a concrete surface. The entry area is 850 millimetres wide making it suitable for wheelchair access and a fully inclusive experience.

bird feeding area - birds  

bird feeding area

Toilet facilities

There are two accessible toilet facilities in this area of the park.

There is one located on the uphill side of the cafe. There is a disabled cubicle located in each of the male and female toilet blocks. These cubicles are large enough for a wheelchair and space is provided beside the toilet. Side and rear grab bars are provided and an accessible hand basin is provided within the cubicle.

toilets next to cafe 

Adjacent to the bird feeding area is another toilet block containing a unisex accessible toilet. This facility has ample maneuvering room inside and wheelchair space beside the toilet. The grab bars are an unusual design with two vertical bars, one level with the front of the toilet on the side wall and one level with the outer edge of the toilet on the rear wall. An accessible hand basin and mirror are provided.

outside of toilets - birdfeeding area

toilets - bird feeding area

Margaret Lester Forest Walk

The Margaret Lester Forest Walk was a purpose built track for people with limited mobility. Its design was assisted by Margaret Lester who was a architecture graduate and paraplegic. The path stretches through the forest and fern glades from the middle to upper car parks. The length of the path is 200 metres on a gentle gradient asphalt path. There are stopping bays along its length with information boards on the forest and its ecosystem.

margaret lester walk

margaret lester walk

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