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Errinundra National Park


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Errinundra National Park

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Location: Errinundra National Park

Mt Morris

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Location: Errinundra National Park

Old Growth

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Location: Errinundra National Park


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Location: Errinundra National Park

Mt Ellery

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Location: Errinundra National Park

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Location: Errinundra National Park

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  • The camping area at the Delegate River Streamside Reserve is closed until further notice. Alternate camping areas are the Ellery Creek campground at Goongerah (free) and Bill Jeffreys Memorial Park in Delegate (fees apply). Parks Victoria is currently working at Delegate River Streamside Reserve to deal with the hazardous tree issue and remain hopeful that it will be open for Easter. at Errinundra National Park
    Wednesday 12 April, 2017 |
  • Cattleyards Track is permanently closed following bushfires in early 2014. at Errinundra National Park
    Wednesday 29 March, 2017 |
Four wheel driving
Medium walk / Day walk
Short walk

Errinundra National Park is one of East Gippsland’s most outstanding natural areas, offering tranquil walks and scenic drives. It preserves the largest remaining stand of cool temperate rainforest in Victoria, as well as ancient eucalypt forests. The park now extends from Mt Ellery across the Errinundra Plateau, rising 1000 metres above sea level, to the Coast Range. The majority of the park is accessible only in the drier months, as rain and snow can make the unsealed roads impassable.

Getting here

Errinundra National Park is 373km east of Melbourne via the Princes Highway. Approaching from the West, travel along Bonang Road, turn right onto Gap Road and right again onto Gunmark Road. From the South, travel 54 km from Orbost along Princes Highway, then turn onto Combienbar Road and drive through Club Terrace to Errinundra Road, which climbs onto the Plateau.

Things to see and do

Errinundra National Park is a wonderful location to enjoy rainforest walks, peaceful picnics and scenic drives.

Rainforest and mountain walks
There are many bushwalking tracks which are ideal for short and medium length walks to suit every ability. To best enjoy the cool temperate rainforest, follow the boardwalk at Errinundra Saddle, which features an interesting history of the park. The Mt Ellery Track offers spectacular views and a close look at the granite tors. Visitors interested in viewing the ancient Mountain Plum Pines, can easily access them from Goonmirks Rocks Road.

Those wanting to enjoy a scenic drive can follow The Baldwin Spencer Trail which passes through the park, closely following the route of scientist and explorer William Baldwin Spencer.


Errinundra National Park has one camping area at Frosty Hollow.

The camping area is located off the unsealed Coast Grange Road. The majority of the park is accessible only in the drier months. In winter, rain and snow generally make the unsealed roads impassable.

There is no booking required at this site, therefore camping is on a first in, first-served basis.

Campsites are suitable for both tents and caravans that will accommodate up to six people and one vehicle. Please note that all campsites are unpowered.

Only non-flush toilets are available at this basic bush camping site. No fireplaces are provided and fuel stoves are preferred for cooking.

There is no freshwater supply, so please carry your own water supply into the park.


There are picnic areas, toilets, fireplaces and information centres at Tea Tree Flat, Errinundra Saddle and Queensborough. Mt Morris has a picnic area, a fireplace and information centre, however please note there is no toilet in this area. In addition, there is a picnic area at Bonang River, with no other facilities at that site. Road conditions can deteriorate quickly at any time of the year at Errinundra National Park. Some roads are subject to permanent seasonal closures during the wetter months when rain and snow make them impassable.


Dogs and other pets are not permitted in this park.

Aboriginal Traditional Owners

Parks Victoria acknowledges the Aboriginal Traditional Owners of Victoria - including its parks and reserves. Through their cultural traditions, the Bidawal and Nindi-Ngudjam Ngarigu Monero identify the Errinundra National Park as their Traditional Country.

Further information is available from Aboriginal Affairs Victoria AAV and Native Title Services Victoria

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Facilities Summary

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  • Gravel carpark

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