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Great Ocean Walk


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Great Ocean Walk

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Location: Great Ocean Walk

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Long walk / Multi day walk
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The Great Ocean Walk is a one-way long-distance walk extending east to west, just over 100km, between Apollo Bay and the iconic Twelve Apostles near Princetown.

The spectacular walk weaves its way through national parks full of tall forests, coastal heathlands, wild rocky shores, river estuaries and windswept cliff-tops presenting amazing views - nature truly unfolds at every step.

Step on and off the trail with convenience; enjoy comfortable accommodation and excellent local meals or pitch your tent at wildly picturesque campgrounds along the way.

Advance bookings and payment are required year round for campsites. There are no trail fees.

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Listen to the Great Ocean Walk - Daily stories on audio

These stories will bring the voices of history and nature alive for you, building a bridge for your mind and soul to connect with the country you visit on the Great Ocean Walk. The full series is available here.

eco certifiedThe Great Ocean Walk is eco-certified and offers an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable nature-based tourism experience.

Accessibility Information

There are some sections of the Great Ocean Walk that are accessible for visitors with mobility limitations and for families with strollers. These sections vary in level of difficulty and are dependent on the type of mobility equipment used. Visitors to the Great Ocean Walk are required to travel in an east to west direction.

Many sections of the Great Ocean Walk are unsuitable for wheelchairs and strollers due to steepness and the presence of many steps. Some sections of the walk are also unsuitable due to very loose beach sand, river crossings and intertidal zones.

The most accessible sections of the Great Ocean Walk are:

  • Apollo Bay Visitor Information Centre to Marengo Caravan Park
  • Cape Otway Lighthouse car Park to Aire River Camp Ground
  • Gibson Steps to Twelve Apostles Visitor Centre.
All-terrain wheelchairs, or Trailriders, are also available for use from Colac Otway Shire and Surf Coast Shire.

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