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Triplet Falls


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Triplet Falls

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Location: Triplet Falls

Lush green ferns

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Location: Triplet Falls

Triplet Falls

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Location: Triplet Falls

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Triplet Falls is one of the iconic visitor sites in the Great Otway National Park. Nestled amongst the ancient forests of Mountain Ash and Myrtle Beech, you will discover three distinct and impressive cascades flowing through shady rainforests and glades of mossy tree ferns.

This beautiful area is set in the ancient forest and provides views into the lower cascades and the majestic main falls. A small picnic area is also available for visitors to relax and enjoy the beautiful surrounds.

How to get there

Triplet Falls is 200km from Melbourne via Colac and Gellibrand, or 70km from Apollo Bay. Follow the signs from the Beech Forest - Lavers Hill Road, the falls are 3km past the Otway Fly.

Triplet Falls Walk

Distance: 2km Time: 1hr loop
Steep steps – unsuitable for people with limited mobility.

Enjoy the history and story of this rainforest, supported by the signs that lead you around the walk. Look for the giant Mountain Ash trees along the way. Some of these trees are estimated to be over 200 years old and have generated from a seed the size of a grain of sand. Listen for the falls as you walk through the ancient forest on a series of elevated walkways.

Platforms provide you with spectacular views of Triplet Falls’ lower and upper cascades. Youngs Creek flows to the falls from Weeaproinah, which has the state’s highest average annual rainfall of almost two metres. The falls are even more spectacular after rain.

Stay on the path while looking for the different mosses and fungi growing on the forest floor. They play an important role in maintaining this rainforest.

Little Aire Walk

Distance: 4.5km Time: 2hr return

This walk leads off the Triplet Falls track and passes through spectacular rainforest along an old logging winch line. View the falls from an eight metre platform.

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