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Wye River Road Camping Area


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  • Wye River Road Camping Area is closed until further notice due to dangerous trees. at Wye River Road Camping Area
    Wednesday 5 April, 2017 |
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The three camping areas are approximately 4kms from the township and beaches of Wye River.

No booking, no fees. Camping is on a first in, first-served basis.

There are three camping area with a total of 11 campsites available. Each campsite accommodates up to six people and one vehicle per site. All campsites are unpowered. The 5 campsites in Campground 1 are suitable for tents, caravans or camper-trailers; 3 campsites in Campground 2 are suitable for tents only with a further 2 campsites suitable for tents, caravans or camper-trailers; the 1 campsite in Campground 3 is suitable for tents only.

Basic bush camping only is available in all three campgrounds.

No fireplaces are provided and fires are not allowed in any of the campgrounds. Use fuel stoves or your own gas barbeque for cooking.

No drinking water is available at any of the three campgrounds. Please supply your own.

There is no rubbish collection at these campgrounds. Please take all rubbish with you.

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