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Dja Dja Wurrung Joint Management Plans

Members of the Dhelkunya Dja Land Management Board
Members of the Dhelkunya Dja Land Management Board

Parks Victoria has a vision for, all its parks, of managing in the context of their surrounding landscapes, and in partnership with Traditional Owners, other government and non-government organisations and community groups. Parks Victoria is currently supporting the Dhelkunya Dja Land Management Board to seek community input on how we can best jointly manage the six parks that make up the Appointed Land held by the Dja Dja Wurrung People as Aboriginal Title. These parks include:

  • Greater Bendigo National Park
  • Hepburn Regional Park
  • Paddys Ranges State Forest
  • Kara Kara National Park
  • Kooyoora State Park, and
  • Wehla Nature Conservation Reserve.

Developing the Joint Management Plans

The Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, and the Secretary of DELWP have delegated power to complete a Joint Management Plan to the Dhelkunya Dja Land Management Board, with operations roles provided to Parks Victoria and the Dja Dja Wurrung people. These plans will look at both the day-to-day operation of the parks, together with opportunities to support, share and grow the practices, culture and knowledge of the Dja Dja Wurrung.

The Joint Management Plans will be delivered in five phases:

Phase 1: Establishment and scoping

Phase 2: Engagement and strategy development (Current Phase)

Phase 3: Finalisation of draft plans for consultation

Phase 4: Public consultation on draft plans

Phase 5: Finalisation of the plans for the Minister

Getting involved

Throughout August, September and October 2017, we will be listening to your experiences, connections to the parks, ideas, hopes and concerns - to help us develop effective Joint Management Plans. There are a range of ways you can get involved, including reading information papers, completing a survey or coming to an open house to talk to the project team directly.

Info papers

To help guide conversations we have provided two Information Papers.

The Foundation Assets paper (PDF 1MB) - focuses on understanding the assets that are the foundation of management including people, cultural practices and customs, cultural heritage, plants and animals, land, waterways and rivers, self-determination, enterprises and joint management itself.

The Planning Issues paper (PDF 813kb) - outlines the current goals, and challenges facing park management to deliver these goals.


We have prepared a survey to help you provide feedback to the project team.

Community Survey - By participating in this survey you are giving your consent for the information to be used in preparing the Joint Management Plans.

Open House workshops

Come talk to the project team at one of the following four events:

Saturday 2 Sept, 10am-3pm
Maryborough Venue TBA
Focusing on Kara Kara National Park and Paddys Ranges State Park

Saturday 16 Sept, 10am-3pm
Bendigo Venue TBA
Focusing on Greater Bendigo National Park

Sunday 17 Sept, 10am-3pm
Inglewood Venue TBA
Focusing on Kooyoora National Park and Wehla Nature Conservation Reserve

Saturday 7 Oct, 10am-3pm
Daylesford Venue TBA
Focusing on Hepburn Regional Park