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Walpolla Island


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Wallpolla Island near Merbein is 9800ha of floodplain vegetation including Red Gum, saltbush plains, seasonal lakes and grasslands. Activities include fishing, boating and camping.

Short bush walks can be enjoyed along established tracks and the island's floodplains are a haven for wildlife, where River Red Gums grow close to the river and along smaller creek beds. There are few designated campgrounds, but many of the tracks lead to perfect shady sites along the creeks. Beware of falling River Red Gum limbs when camping.

Excellent canoeing can be enjoyed throughout the islands. Negotiating fallen timber and river bends can be challenging, but the scenery is superb.

Pelicans and Wedge-­‐tailed Eagles soar overhead, while Emus and Red and Western Grey Kangaroos roam the drier plains. The elusive, endangered Paucident Planigale, a small native mammal, shelters in clay fissures. Regent Parrots flash through the trees and waterbirds wade in the creeks.

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