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Yellow Gum Recreation Area


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Bird watching
Short walk

Yellow Gum Park offers spectacular views of the Plenty River and the surrounding park.

Enjoy bird and wildlife watching, bushwalking, picnicking and barbecuing in natural surrounds.

Try your luck at fishing in Blue Lake. Ensure you bring your own bait and have a current Victorian Amateur Fishing Licence.

Yellow Gum has toilets, electric barbecues and picnic shelters.

Accessibility Information

Picnic Area

Access to the picnic area from the carpark is along a gravel path that has an approximate slope of 1 in 14 for about 80 metres.

Yellow Gum path to picnic area

The picnic area is large and flat with a grass surface.

Yellow Gum grassed picnic area

There are several electric barbecues with a working height of 850 millimetres. The barbecues are located on a concrete slab that is a metre wide on all sides. They are operated by a small, recessed, push-button switch.

Yellow Gum barbecue

The picnic tables are of a square design with three fixed seats and one open side to accommodate a wheelchair or people bringing their own chair for back support. The tables are located on a natural surface allowing ample room around each table.

Yellow Gum picnic table

At the rear of the picnic area is a large pavilion. It has one fixed table of the same accessible design with room for two more portable tables.

Yellow Gum pavillion 

Yellow Gum Blue Lake
Blue Lake at Yellow Gum recreation area

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