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Point Nepean Master Plan review


Parks Victoria is currently reviewing the Point Nepean National Park Master Plan. An important element of this review is community and stakeholder consultation.

A draft master plan, which involved extensive community and stakeholder consultation, was prepared and exhibited in 2010. It was prepared within the planning and management context provided by the Point Nepean National Park and Point Nepean Quarantine Station Management Plan 2009.


The review will be undertaken within the following consultation program:

Phase 1 Engagement
Parks Victoria seeks feedback on a discussion paper which summarises key elements of the 2010 draft master plan, their rationale and the previous feedback received during consultation. 
Jan – Mar 2016
Phase 2 Preparation 
Parks Victoria prepares a revised final draft of the master plan.
Mar – May 2016
Phase 3

Formal exhibition of the final draft master plan, including consultation with community and stakeholders, local information sessions and targeted stakeholder meetings. 

June – July 2016
Phase 4  Finalisation
Amendment of the master plan in response to community and stakeholder consultation. 
Aug – Oct 2016
Phase 5 Approval and release

Late 2016

Recent consultation

As part of Phase 1 for the project, Parks Victoria asked that submissions, surveys and responses reached us by Friday 4 March 2016.

Thank you to everyone who was able to come along to the Community Information Days on 5 and 6 February at the park and thanks also to everyone who has emailed the project team with comments, queries and suggestions. 

Next steps

Parks Victoria is currently working with landscape architects Taylor Cullity Lethlean (TCL), who prepared the 2010 draft, to review all feedback, undertake additional research and analysis and to prepare a revised draft master plan for exhibition later this year. 

To register your interest email the project team

Phase 1 Summary

Parks Victoria is currently renewing the Nepean National Park Master Plan to ensure it reflects government policy and community views.  As part of Phase 1, held from January to March 2016, community and stakeholders were asked to comment on a Discussion Paper. Parks Victoria convened 20 stakeholder meetings and approximately 250 people attended community information days at the Quarantine Station on 5 and 6 February.

There was a high level of interest during Phase 1, with 50 written submissions and 32 questionnaires completed.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to meet with the project team and send in your comments, queries and suggestions.

Feedback indicated high levels of support for the 2010 Draft Master Plan and the process proposed by Parks Victoria for its renewal. When asked if anything had changed or was overlooked, common responses revolved around the need for the renewed master plan to:

  • highlight the site’s purpose as a National Park to protect and conserve environmental and heritage values
  • better respond to and celebrate the park’s Aboriginal cultural heritage 
  • consider the site’s broader context including its relationship with heritage and environment of The Heads, Queenscliff, Point Lonsdale and the Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park
  • better respond to the site’s carrying capacity and the seasonality of the peninsula 
  • reconsider the approach to water access and marine facilities, which was a divisive issue
  • define an unequivocal development envelope and clear expectations for public access and exclusivity
  • ensure proposed uses, events and accommodation options fit with the park character, values and demand
  • seize the opportunity for education and learning as a basis for future activation 
  • ensure the park showcases ecologically sustainable outcomes 
  • provide greater clarity and certainty around design and development parameters, future uses and the implementation strategy.

University of Melbourne’s National Centre for Coasts and Climate

On 15 April, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was established between the Department of Environment, Land, Planning and Water (DELWP) and the University of Melbourne. 

The purpose of the MOU is to:

  • provide a mechanism for  the University of Melbourne to secure $2.1 million of available Federal funding for a research facility in the park
  • establish a working relationship for the sharing of ‘regulatory and policy information’ relevant to the facility
  • facilitate the University of Melbourne’s preparation of a final proposal for a National Centre for Coasts and Climate research facility at Point Nepean National Park. 

As stated in the MOU, DELWP and the University of Melbourne will explore “the potential to establish an education and research facility in a manner that will not be detrimental to the protection of the park, including its natural, Indigenous, historic, cultural landscape and recreational values.” 

The MOU also confirms that Parks Victoria will finalise the Point Nepean National Park Master Plan before government considers proposals. The master plan will define an implementation strategy and design parameters for assessing all proposals in the park.

The draft master plan will be exhibited later this year, and at that time community and stakeholders will have the opportunity to meet with Parks Victoria staff to discuss the draft master plan proposals and provide submissions.

Document list

Discussion paper (1.2MB PDF) 
Point Nepean Quarantine Station Management Plan 2009 (PDF 7.2MB)
Draft 2010 Point Nepean National Park Master Plan (PDF 10MB)