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Shipwreck Coast visitor infrastructure investments


View along the coast Photo: Misheye

Port Campbell National Park visitor infrastructure upgrades

The Victorian Government has invested $9.8 million to upgrade visitor infrastructure in Port Campbell and Port Campbell National Park. The investment will bring exciting new infrastructure and technology services to benefit the local community, national and international visitors and enhance this magnificent area for generations to come. Current funded projects include:

  • A new pedestrian bridge across Campbell Creek in Port Campbell.
  • New viewing platforms at both the Blowhole and The Saddle in Port Campbell National Park.
  • WiFi networks and interpretation capability at the Twelve Apostles.

Campbell Creek link again after 100 years

Around 100 years since the original bridge burnt down a new pedestrian link will be constructed over Campbells Creek.

Geotechnical investigations along the Campbell Creek found suitable conditions below the surface. This is good news for future design planning for the promised Port Campbell bridge.

The new bridge will connect the town to the park and dramatically improve access for visitors and locals alike.

Parks Victoria views the project as a partnership with the Port Campbell Progress Association and the local community, and looks forward to developing the details for the bridge design and building together.

New lookouts at The Blow Hole and Saddle

Parks Victoria is looking forward to working with the community on two new lookouts at the Blow Hole and the Saddle in Port Campbell National Park.

The new lookouts will enhance the visitor experience, better protect the environment and improve visitor safety.

Geotechnical surveys undertaken last year found that loose shaley heterogeneous rock to at least 45 metres depth and highlights there is need for good infrastructure footprint design.

Technology services

Contemporary technology services benefitting visitors and the local community alike will include WiFi and interpretation capability at the Twelve Apostles.

The future

The Shipwreck Coast Master Plan is a 20-year plan which proposes other improvements to the area including to the Port Campbell foreshore, linkages to the Twelve Apostles walk, linkages to the Great South West Walk and building a new visitor centre at Glenample.

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