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Whipstick Gully


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6. Miners Hut

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Location: Whipstick Gully

Sit with nature in Warrandyte State Park

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Location: Whipstick Gully

Whipstick Gully mine

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Location: Whipstick Gully

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Horse riding
Short walk

Several relics of the gold mine boom remain amongst old mines. An excellent history of the area is provided on the information shelter. There is a self-guided walk of the area that forms part of the broader Gold Heritage Walk.

Horse riding is permitted on designated horse riding trails in this area.  See the Warrandyte State Park Horse Riding Park Note for the designated trails.

Accessibility Information

(For visitors with mobility limitations) 

The walk to the entrance gate from the carpark is along the road which is made of coarse gravel road base.

Whipstick Gully gate entrance

The entry to the park is through a one metre gap on the left side of the gate.

Whipstick Gully wheelchair entrance

A large information centre detailing the history of the area are directly inside the gate. The display is fully accessible once through the gate.

Whipstick Gully display

To the left is the old mine face which has level access across a gravel surface. There is an audio system that outlines: The Victory and Whipstick Gully mines, traditional gold mining techniques, how to pan for gold, and Whipstick Gully sights and sounds in the 1890s.

There are no toilet facilities at Whipstick Gully.

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