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Badger Weir Picnic Area


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Storm damage October 2016

7 months ago from Stacy Giannini

Location: Badger Weir Picnic Area

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  • Badger Weir is entirely closed due to severe damage from a major wind storm in October 2016. Parks Victoria is currently undertaking the necessary planning work for a picnic ground refurbishment project that will also include new toilet facilities. The site is expected to be closed for an extended period while recovery and rebuilding works take place. at Badger Weir Picnic Area
    Monday 7 August, 2017 |
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Bird watching
Medium walk / Day walk
Short walk

Badger Weir Picnic Area is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic or barbecue. Visitors can enjoy fresh mountain air and forest walks passing through ancient fern gullies, across clear mountain streams and meandering amongst mighty Mountain Ash.

Opening hours

To be announced upon park reopening

Walking tracks

Badger Weir via Slip Creek Track

Because of the many steps on the fern gully boardwalk it is unsuitable for prams and strollers.

Distance: 1.4km
: approx 30 minutes
: Moderate

Badger Weir via Coranderrk Track

Time: approx 30 minutes
Grade: Easy (follows vehicle track to weir)

Badger Weir via Lyrebird Track

Distance: 1.1km
: approx 30 minutes
: Easy (a few steps)

Birdwatching and photography

Badger Weir is a birdwatcher and photographers paradise with the Australian King-Parrot, Crimson Rosella and Superb Lyrebird easily viewed.

A haven for plants and animals

Surrounded by protected water catchment, the mature forest of Moutain Ash and Manna Gum is a magnificent sight. Hollows in these old trees provide homes and nesting sites for many native mammals and birds.

Accessibility Information

Picnic Facilities

The picnic facilities consist of two rotundas with picnic tables, other picnic tables with no shelter scattered in the open area, wood and gas powered barbecues, two toilet blocks and a park information shelter. Wood for the barbecues is supplied.

There are approximately 12 picnic tables in the open area scattered on the north and south side of the main car park. Access to most of these is from the car park over a surface of grass with gravel in some sections. Some tables require access over forest debris and sloping ground making them not well suited for wheelchairs and some strollers. These picnic tables are open ended but do not have a roll under end feature for wheelchairs.

Badger Weir picnic tables
Open area picnic tables at Badger Weir

Gas Barbecues

There are gas barbecues located near the Rosella Rotunda and the Lyrebird Rotunda. Access to the barbecues is by a short, sealed path coming from the main car park. Sections of the path have a significant slope of approximately 1:10. The barbecues near Rosella Rotunda are the easiest to access due to the path surface and path gradient.

Badger Weir barbecues
Gas barbecue at Badger Weir picnic area 

Toilet facilities

Two separate toilet blocks serve the picnic area. There is an older stone toilet block at the lower end of the picnic area which has poor accessibility.

Badger Weir toilets
Toilet block at Badger Weir

At the upper end of the picnic area there is a more modern toilet block consisting of separate male and female toilet facilities and a separate unisex accessible toilet. The toilets in the upper picnic area are located approximately 80 metres from designated disabled parking in the main carpark. Other parking is available closer to the toilets but this parking has no designated disabled parking and has a loose crushed rock surface.

The entrance to the accessible unisex toilet is approximately 700mm wide and consists of a lockable sliding door. There is a grab railing on one side of the toilet and also behind the toilet.

Badger Weir accessible toilet
Accessible toilet with grab rails

There is washbasin in the toilet cubicle area that has a cold water lever style tap and limited roll under space.

Badger Weir accessible toilet basin
Washbasin in accessible toilet

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