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Badger Weir Picnic Area


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Storm damage October 2016

10 months ago from Parks Victoria

Location: Badger Weir Picnic Area

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  • Badger Weir is entirely closed due to severe damage from a major wind storm in October 2016. Parks Victoria is currently undertaking the necessary planning work for a picnic ground refurbishment project that will also include new toilet facilities. The site is expected to be closed for an extended period while recovery and rebuilding works take place. Find out more. at Badger Weir Picnic Area
    Monday 7 August, 2017 |
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Bird watching
Medium walk / Day walk
Short walk

Badger Weir Picnic Area is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic or barbecue. Visitors can enjoy fresh mountain air and forest walks passing through ancient fern gullies, across clear mountain streams and meandering amongst mighty Mountain Ash.

The picnic area was severely damaged by storms in 2016 and the works to reopen it are ongoing.

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