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Mornington Fishermans Jetty

Availability is updated regularly. Please refresh this page or hit F5 to ensure you are seeing the latest information.

There is currently one vacant berth available on the inner side at Mornington Fishermans Jetty. The vacant berth location is MJI025.

Applications will be accepted via this page from 11am Wednesday 17 February 2016.  Applications received before the nominated date and time will not be accepted. The vacant berth will be signposted at Fisherman’s Jetty on the day.

Parks Victoria does not operate a waiting list or expression of interest list for berths at Fishermans Jetty. Should you contact Parks Victoria when no vacant berths are available your details will not be retained.

Vacant berths will be advertised online and allocated to the first applicant with a suitable vessel that meets all application criteria. Details required when submitting online applications are: name, address, phone number, email address, vessel name, vessel registration and vessel dimensions.

Fishermans Jetty can cater for vessels up to 10 metres maximum length on the outer side and vessels up to 7.6 metres maximum length on the inner side. All berths have ladder access from the jetty and vessels are secured with ropes/springs supplied by the vessel owner. Mooring tackle is required to be installed by an authorised mooring contractor. 

Fishermans Jetty site map

A permit to berth is issued to berth holders for an approved nominated vessel.  Berthing permits at Fishermans Jetty are renewed on 1 February each year. The berths at Fishermans Jetty are not transferable and cannot be privately sold. 

Mooring/berthing permit (sample) 

Prior to applying for a vacant berth, Parks Victoria recommends applicants visit the site and inspect the berths available to ensure it will be suitable for the nominated vessel.

Fees and invoicing


Fee type


 Set-up fee


 Mornington Jetty Inner Berthing & Administration Fee


 Mornington Jetty Outer Berthing & Administration Fee


Fees are subject to annual change and will be reviewed for the 2016-17 season.