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Keeping parks open during a busy bushfire and visitor season

It’s all hands-on deck for Parks Victoria to ensure parks stay open, clean and safe during summer when fire season coincides with the busiest visitation as people head outside with family and friends.Record numbers of people got ...

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World Wildlife Day - Best places to see Victoria’s underwater wildlife

To celebrate United Nations World Wildlife Day on Sunday 3 March, Parks Victoria has picked the best places along Victoria’s coast to see underwater ecosystems and encounter marine wildlife.The internationally recognised day is ...

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Westgate Lake in Melbourne has turned bright pink!

Westgate Lake near the Westgate Bridge in Melbourne is currently a stunning shade of pink so now is a perfect time to visit.Nature’s strawberry milkshakes, or pink lakes, occur when inland lakes reach a certain level of saltines ...

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Information sheets designed to be taken to the park when you visit.

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It's a great way to contribute to the environment and spend time in park you love.

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Hungry Mouths Hungry Mouths

Photo: Dave Sumner

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