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Geelong kids swap school for nature

Wednesday 5 September, 2018

Around 100 kids swapped their classroom for the outdoors at a mini-environmental conference held today at Serendip Sanctuary.

As part of the national Kids Teaching Kids program, the event saw adults take a back-seat as the primary-school students from around Geelong taught each other about environmental challenges.

The kids held presentations on topics including grassland ecosystems, land clearing, the impact of fire, introduced species, and how animals survive.

In the afternoon, they joined Parks Victoria Rangers on walks through You Yangs Regional Park and Serendip Sanctuary, a 250-hectare sanctuary of grassy woodlands and wetlands in the volcanic Western Plains.

The event was hosted by Parks Victoria and National Kids Teaching Kids Week organisers, with sponsorship by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

Kids Teaching Kids promotes positive wellbeing and helps build resilience in young people. It raises awareness and drives action on local and global environmental issues, bringing communities together to solve common challenges and help the next generation of leaders who will take collective responsibility for our future.

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Quotes attributable to Parks Victoria, Community Engagement Ranger, Ebonee Cook:

“This is a fantastic opportunity for the kids to connect with the environment and understand how global issues can affect their local parks, waterways, plants and animals.”

“We see inspiring results when the kids are in control and focusing their hearts and minds on making a difference.”

“You can never be too young to appreciate our amazing natural places, plants and animals, and why it’s important that they are protected.”

Quotes attributable to Kids Teaching Kids Event Creator, Arron Wood:

“Adults take a back seat at this event – kids teach each other in much more interesting creative ways than the usual classroom format, with songs, dance, poems, drama, games, interactive quizzes and crafts.”

“Most importantly, the kids learn they can make a real difference on environment issues, despite the magnitude of problems facing their environment.”

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