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Temporary closures in Mallee national parks

Wednesday 9 January, 2019

Most closures will be from sunset to sunrise on week days only in limited areas and will have minimal impact on park visitors. This may affect overnight camping at some campgrounds for short periods of time during February and March.

Victoria's parks are home to more than 4300 native plants and 948 native animal species.  Parks Victoria plays a vital role in protecting native plants and wildlife.

Parks Victoria regularly undertakes dedicated conservation programs, designed to contribute to habitat restoration across all its parks. These programs include activities such as monitoring of grazer and plant populations, revegetation, spraying, controlled burning, and animal control programs. They are crucial to restoring habitat and improving overall landscape health.

Parks Victoria is using highly skilled professionals to undertake these operations, which will be thoroughly planned and carried out under strict conditions designed to ensure safe, effective and humane practices at all times.

For details of closures in the parks please go to and search by park name.

Quotes attributable to Parks Victoria Total Grazing Management Coordinator Brendan Rodgers:

“These programs are part of more than two decades of work to restore the Mallee landscape following a century of grazing, timber removal and the impact of introduced species such as goats and rabbits.”

“Areas of native flora that had been significantly depleted are showing signs of recovery following previous control programs.”

“Likely prolonged dry conditions this summer will result in limited feed for many animals. This will impact negatively on their health and also on the park as large numbers of some species will then start to browse more heavily on regenerating native species.”

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