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Parks affected by fire

Some parks currently have closures due to fire activity.

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Shipping channels and fairways

Large ships travel Port Phillip shipping channels during all hours of the day and night and sometimes travel outside designated fairways. A ship’s blind spot can extend for many hundreds of metres and it is very difficult for ships to change course quickly. It is the responsibility of recreational boat operators to:

  • Keep clear of ships at all times.
  • Never anchor in shipping channels or transit only zones.
  • Never obstruct the path of ships or assume a ship can see you.
  • Never tie up to navigation aids such as buoys or channel markers.
  • Penalties apply for non-compliance.

Swing basins

Swing basins are areas where large commercial ships turn when entering and leaving berths. Be aware of ships at all times near swing basins and steer clear for your safety.

More information is available from Port of Melbourne Corporation or Victorian Regional Channels Authority.