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Yaringa Marine National Park

Small snail (photo: Julian Finn)
from Parks Victoria
Mangrove shoot (photo: Julian Finn)
from Parks Victoria
Fish (photo: Julian Finn)
from Parks Victoria

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Located between the mainland and Quail Island Nature Conservation Reserve in Western Port, this park is part of the Western Port RAMSAR wetlands and is an area of international significance due to its importance for wader birds. The area encompasses a variety of ecologically important habitats including saltmarsh, mangroves, sheltered intertidal mudflats, subtidal soft sediments and tidal channels.

Many of the variety of habitats present in Yaringa are essential for the survival of a huge range of species.

The mudflats are an important feeding ground for many wader and other water birds. Some of these birds, such as the Red-necked Stint, breed in the Northern Hemisphere and migrate to Yaringa Marine National Park in the warmer months. Over 295 bird species have been spotted in Western Port with 32 of these species known to be migratory birds.


You can get a glimpse of the Yaringa Marine National Park from the Yaringa Marina but the park is better enjoyed by boat (closest boat ramp at Warneet).

Aboriginal Traditional Owners

Parks Victoria acknowledges the Aboriginal Traditional Owners of Victoria - including its parks and reserves. Through their cultural traditions, Aboriginal people maintain their connection to their ancestral lands and waters. Further information is available from Aboriginal Affairs Victoria AAV and Native Title Services Victoria

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