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Beware Reef Marine Sanctuary

Giant Cuttle (photo: Friends of Beware Reef)
from Parks Victoria
Evans Sea Spider (photo: Friends of Beware Re
from Parks Victoria
Butterfly Perch (photo: Mark Norman)
from Parks Victoria
Banded Seaperch (photo: Friends of Beware Ree
from Parks Victoria

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Snorkelling/SCUBA Diving

Beware Reef Marine Sanctuary protects partially exposed granite reef that is home to abundant marine life and is a haul-out site for Australian and New Zealand fur seals. Forests of Bull Kelp and the remains of a shipwreck make for excellent diving sites.

Beware Reef Marine Sanctuary can be found south east of Cape Conran in East Gippsland. It is composed of a granite outcrop that emerges from the sandy floor approximately 28m deep and rises to around one metre above the surface at low tide. The reef is 70m long above water and continues for 1km below the water to the southeast. There are also three shipwrecks within the park.

The temperate, clear waters of Beware Reef support an abundance of marine life. The shallow parts of the reef are covered in Bull Kelp and other brown algae interspersed with furry green and red algae.

The exposed tip is a favourite resting spot of the Australian Fur Seal whilst the Bull Kelp frequently hides Maori Octopus.

Deeper parts of the reef host filter feeding sponges, sea fans, sea tulips, sea whips and anemones. Fish are prolific on the reef including boarfish, morwongs, trumpeters, wrasses and sea sweeps. Wobbegong and Port Jackson sharks may be found resting in sandy hollows.


This park is only accessible by boat as it lies off the coast (launching point in Cape Conran).

Aboriginal Traditional Owners

Parks Victoria acknowledges the Aboriginal Traditional Owners of Victoria - including its parks and reserves. Through their cultural traditions, Aboriginal people maintain their connection to their ancestral lands and waters.

Indigenous tradition indicates that the Beware Reef Marine Sanctuary is part of the Country of the Bidwell and Gunaikurnai Indigenous people and that other Indigenous people, including the Monero-Ngarigo people and Moogji Aboriginal Council people, also have an association with the coastal region of the area.

Further information is available from Aboriginal Affairs Victoria and Native Title Services Victoria.

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