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In the woodlands where the soil is heavier beautiful red gums grow. Remnant patches of Kangaroo Grass, native orchids and other wildflowers can still be found. In the heathland, flowering plants can be found in most seasons. In spring and summer, native peas, bursaria and the beautiful Wedding Bush are seen. Access to this fragile area is by permit only.


Hollow trees house animals and birds including parrots, cockatoos, owls and kookaburras. Over 60 species of water birds are regularly seen on the wetlands and their numbers are increasing. In spring, ducks, swans and waterhen breed here. Migratory birds such as Lathams Snipe from Japan and the Sharp-tailed Sandpipers from north-eastern Siberia arrive at Braeside and can be seen from the birdhide or the two viewing platforms along the wetland trail. The park also has an increasing population of echidnas, ringtail and brushtail possums.