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Medium walk / Day walk
Short walk

Suggested short walks

1. Mortimer Nature Walk

1.2km, 45 minutes return, easy

A self-guided nature walk introducing the plants, animals and other features of William Wallace and Diamond Creeks.

2. Lawson Falls Walk

750m, 40 minutes one-way, easy

A short walk which takes you to the only waterfall within the park.

Longer walks

1. Buttongrass Nature Walk

3km, 1 hour return, easy

A walk through a wet heathland area starting at Guide Track. Along this self-guided walk you can see a variety of flora including hakeas, wattles, tea-trees, mistletoe, swamp bush pea and button grass. For more information download the Buttongrass Nature Walk park note from the related publications section below.

2. Lawson Falls Circuit

5km, 2 hours return, moderate

Start at Forest Road or Tea Tree Road in the east of the park.

3. Mortimer Circuit

9.5km, 4 hours return, moderate

Starting from Mortimer Picnic Ground follow the Mortimer Nature Walk and turn into Steege Road. Tree Fern Track with its tall shady trees, is the next path to follow which crosses Link Road and then joins into Nichols Hut Track. The last leg of

your journey is along Silvertop Ridge Track and Ferres Track, and before you know it, you are back at Mortimer Picnic Ground.

4. Weatherhead Range Circuit

10km, 4 hours return, moderate

Start at Buttongrass Nature Walk and follow Camp Road. Turn left into Guides Track for the climb up the Weatherhead Range, then turn right into Luptons Track. Turn left into Avards Track and cross over Tynong North Road, heading west up

Pooley Road. Take Sandpit Ridge Track through a heathy woodland community and head back to the start via Cannibal Creek Track, Camp Road and Buttongrass Nature Trail.