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Cape Conran Cabin 3 - accessible cabin

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Accessibility Information

Cabin 3 is a self-contained cabin that has its own kitchen and bathroom facilities. It has an accessible entrance and has bathroom facilities suitable for most wheelchairs. The cabin is built on a slight slope with disabled parking available in front of the cabin.

Cabin 3

Access to the cabin is through the main entrance located at the rear of the cabin. A compacted, small gravel path of approximately 20 metres in length leads from the carpark to the rear entrance of the cabin. This path is a little steep with a gradient of approximately 1:10, which may be challenging for some manual chair operators and frail carers.

Cabin 3 ramp access

The main entrance to the cabin is approximately 84 centimetres wide and has an outward swinging door. A larger, sliding glass door is adjacent to the main entrance of the cabin and this can also be used for access. The opening is approximately 104 centimetres wide.

Cabin 3 sliding door access

The cabin has a polished timber floor and an open plan design that consists of a kitchen, dining room/living room and bedroom at ground level. The ground level bedroom has a single electric high/low bed and a standard queen-size bed and both can be easily reached by a wheelchair. The cabin also has two upper mezzazine floors that are accessed by fixed wooden ladders. They have mattress-style bedding for four to six people.

Cabin 3 bedroom

The dining/lounge has a large timber table with bench seating. The table is approximately 68 centimetres high and there is sufficient overhang at the table ends for wheelchair seating.


The cabin’s bathroom is separate from the cabin and is accessed from the outside. Access is through a sliding door (approximately 104 centimetres wide) that opens out to the front deck of the cabin. The bathroom is approximately six metres from the sliding door entrance over the timber deck. The floor in the bathroom is slightly higher than the deck, which has created a small lip at the bathroom entrance.

Cabin 3 toilet access

The entrance to the bathroom is approximately 95 centimetres wide and has an outward swinging door with a latch-style handle. The bathroom has an accessible toilet and shower. There is adequate space for manoeuvrability and the space is approximately 190 centimetres long by 204 centimetres wide. There are grab railings on the wall next to the toilet and high above the toilet cistern at the rear. There is a small vanity basin with hot and cold taps with knob handles and a vanity mirror.

Cabin 3 toilet