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Dock Inlet

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Long walk / Multi day walk

Soak up the serenity of Dock Inlet, a unique land locked expanse of fresh water isolated from the coast by a coastal dune barrier. The inlet is fed by the east and west branches of Dock Creek from a pristine catchment. The shallow tannin coloured waters support a diverse range of waterfowl.

Keep an eye out for White-bellied Sea Eagles that are often seen in the area.

Dock Inlet-Yeerung River Walk

Distance: 14kms
Time: 5 to 6hrs return
Start: Dock Inlet or Yeerung River car park

Along the East Cape you can walk up the beach to the Yeerung River which takes approximately one and a half hours one way. From here you can keep walking to Dock Inlet or Pearl Point.

Follow the posts set in the dunes from the beach or signs on the Powerline Track. This walk can also be a return walk via the Powerline Track and the Yeerung River.

Hike in Camp

There is no vehicle access to the Dock Inlet camp area. Access is by foot or by cycling along a long sandy track from Pearl Point Road or Yeerung Road. There is also access via the beach from Cape Conran or Pearl Point.

No booking is required. Camping is on a first in, first-served basis.

There are no toilets provided at the site.

There is one campsite available for up to six people. It is set in coastal tea-tree on sandy soil.