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Coolart Homestead

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Explore the old out buildings and imagine what life was like when you had to make your own butter.

Stroll through the beautiful gardens and discover unusual exotic plants or to the beach for views of Phillip Island and Westernport.

In 1895, Frederick Sheppard Grimwade bought the estate and built the imposing homestead as the family's country retreat. Between 1907 and 1937 Coolart was held at different times by Thomas Armstrong, James Balmain and John Sylvester Feehan. The late Tom Luxton purchased the property in 1937 and immediately had the property declared a sanctuary for native wildlife and embarked upon a program of habitat development.

Accessibility Information

The homestead is accessed along the path to the left behind the visitors centre. The path is made of fine, hard-packed gravel. It is approximately 80 metres from the visitors centre to the homestead. The front entrance has two steps onto the veranda and then a single step into the front door.

Coolart Homestead entrance

The veranda is approximately 150 millimetres above the ground and the front door step is approximately 75 millimetres.

Coolart Homestead front door

For those unable to negotiate the steps entry can be made through a side door off the internal courtyard. Further information is available from the staff at the visitors centre.

The homestead has a wide hallway on the ground floor.

Coolart Homestead hallway

Access to the rooms that are open for public display are through large doors.

Coolart Homestead internal access doorways

Coolart Homestead internal room