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Jells Visitor Centre Toilet

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Accessibility information

There are automatic electronically operated doors at the entrance of the vistors centre. Immediately to the right is a disabled toilet facility. The door swings inwards and can be opened either manually with a large lever handle or electrically via a switch on the wall to the right of the door.

toilet door

There is ample maneuvering room inside the room and space beside the toilet for a wheelchair. The toilet is fitted with a full side grab bar and a small vertical bar on the rear wall. The seat height is 420 millimetres. It is set approximately 300 millimetres from the rear wall. The flush buttons are located directly behind the toilet and are large push buttons with a very light action.

toilet inside

The hand basin is a vanity type with clearance underneath it. There are no exposed hot water pipes and the tap is operated through a large lever. It is light to turn both on and off. There is a bin within the room.

basin in toilet