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Entrance Bay

Bird watching
Water skiing

The entrance to the Gippsland Lakes was constructed in the 1880s. Before that time, the lakes were generally closed to the sea, with the barrier being breached only on rare occasions.

The original construction involved wooden breakwaters extending a short distance out to sea, and some of the old construction equipment can still be seen.

Take a walk across the ocean beach to The Entrance for some fishing, watch the boats come in or spot some seals or dolphins searching for food.

Water skiing is also permitted between Entrance Bay and the Barrier Landing. Please observe the regulation signs.

Barrier Landing and Entrance Bay feature a number of rare shorebirds including the Little Tern, Fairy Tern and Hooded Plover which breed on Rigby Island and on the Ninety Mile Beach. You can enjoy these birds from a distance, but please keep well clear of them during the warmer months, and where possible walk on the wet sand to avoid accidentally stepping on their nests.