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The Pines Picnic Area

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The Pines picnic area has two large, flat, grassed areas on both sides of the carpark. These areas have numerous picnic tables, two pavilions and good views over the reservoir.

Pines fixed bench picnic table

The pavilions have level, gravel floors and standard wooden picnic tables with bench seats. The wooden tables have an overhang at either end of 225 millimetres.

Pines picnic pavillion

There are also some steel tables on small concrete pads with a longer 450 millimetre overhang at either end. 

Pines picnic table

There are two barbecue areas that each have two barbecues with a working height of 900 millimetres. They are electric and are operated by a recessed, push-button switch. The barbecues are situated on a large, concrete pad with a workbench in the middle that is also at a working height of 900 millimetres.

Pines picnic area barbecues

Water is available at the barbecue area. The grass in the area is on a hard surface but is quite thick.